Bushcraft: What it is, what it isn't… and why we don't care.

We recently received some feedback (let’s call it that for the purposes of this entry), from an individual who wished to point out that what we post online (and what he believes we are attempting to portray ourselves as), directly conflicts with his preconception of “bushcraft”.

noun: bushcraft

  1. skill at living in the bush.

Now, let’s agree that not everyone agrees on the definition of “living” (especially in the bush/backcountry). Does “living” in the bush have a literal meaning and a start and end date? Must one live uncomfortably to adhere to an ideal? What “skills” are measured to assess one’s capabilities in the backcountry and how? Is there a minimum amount of gear to take with you to guarantee you can live sustainably? Is it six, or maybe only three pieces of equipment/gear that can assist you in “living” comfortably in the woods?

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